The Type V - Color

Were is everyone? The idea that we are alone in the Universe is not supported by recent scientific advances. As a people, we possess the need to explore and to discover whether or not other civilizations exist out there. There is a community of like-minded individuals who possess Renaissance modes of thought that may in fact discover the answers we have been looking for.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Measuring Civilization

Chapter 3: The Types I, II, and III

Chapter 4: Humanity as a 0.5

Chapter 5: The Search for Life

Chapter 6: Those in the Know

Chapter 7: The Search for Signals

Chapter 8: Interstellar Archeology

Chapter 9: Interplanetary Archeology

Chapter 10: The Type IV

Chapter 11: The Covert Dark

Chapter 12: Why Would They Be Here?

Chapter 13: The Type V

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